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The Yabberors

2 March 2021

By Frank Scoblete

I am not much of a talker at table games. I prefer to play silently unless I am at a table with a friend and then I will talk a little. I am however intrigued by people who can yabber at the tables. By “yabber” I mean talking about things that are not too important in life such as transient relationships, how the hands or decisions are playing out, and the like.

So I decided to jot down some of the reactions of the actual yabberors I have heard at the tables, mostly at blackjack and Pai Gow Poker tables, two games that lend themselves to yabberors.

Patricia is a wonderful talker. She doesn’t dominate a conversation but she can make good additions to them and when she starts one it is usually interesting and/or fun.

Patricia: “I enjoy a conversation when I am playing blackjack. Many of the players are nice and most of the dealers are too. If a dealer doesn’t want to talk that is fine with me. But sociable players make the game more fun. You are getting your gambling in and you are meeting new people. If players prefer being quiet that is also fine with me. But at crowded tables usually some one or two other people would like a conversation. So do I.”

James: “I like Pai Gow Poker. The game is relaxing and slow and gives the players and the dealer time to talk as cards are being shuffled and dealt. You don’t feel the constant pressure to play fast as you do at most other games. It is a leisurely game and I recommend it to everyone. Do I enjoy talking? Yes. I live alone after my wife passed away and I am retired so my weekly visits to the casino are my social times as well. I am not a big player and I am not a big talker if people prefer to remain silent but at Pai Gow most players will engage in conversations.”

Paul: “Do not under any circumstances talk politics or religion; stuff your mother told you not to ever talk about in ‘polite’ company. Today people go nuts if you don’t support their party or its ideas. For some reason you have to buy into whatever either side says even if your opinions include some from this group and some from that group.

“My opinions are all over the place and I once made the mistake of bringing something political up and two guys at the table were convinced that I was a part of an evil cabal trying to take over America and subjugate the world after that. I learned my lesson quickly after that. I keep the conversation light.”

Claudia: “I find that a lot of dealers enjoy talking if they are playing a relaxing game but some floor [persons] and pit people when they come over and look at the game get those dealers to shut up and deal as fast as they can. That’s how I have experienced that. A crowded afternoon lends itself to good conversations. Do I talk politics? Absolutely not. If this were the wild west, players would have their holsters greased and ready for action. I don’t want to be Wild Bill Hickok.”

Annie G: “Okay, I will talk at the table but I can’t stand players who can’t shut up or dealers who are always asking personal questions. I enjoy a light conversation about meaningless things. The constant talker is usually a boring person that brings the game to a halt. I also don’t like the players who think they are comedians and can’t say something funny each and every time they try and they constantly try. I also don’t like players who moan about their losses or brag that they are winning especially when I am losing. I can’t stand those players!”

Morris: “I am friendly with a purpose in mind. You see at blackjack too many players play so poorly that they need help in playing their hands, especially those players at third base who dictate what is going to happen next. They take hits when they shouldn’t and they split hands they shouldn’t. Their decisions can cause all of us to lose because the dealer will hit his hand and beat all of us.

“So I try to get friendly with the players and I smile and laugh if the third baseman says something he thinks is funny. That’s good on my part because when a hand comes up that a player should stand on like say a twelve against a dealer’s two I then make it a point to inform that player that he should stand and let the dealer bust. A lot of times the player will listen to me because he thinks of me as his temporary friend.”

Denise: “Talking? I am all for it. But you see that guy over there [she points to Morris] I found him to be really annoying. He was constantly telling people what to do and when they didn’t do what he said he’d get all uppity if something happened that he didn’t like. He was wrong most of the times but I don’t think he noticed that. I did and so did the other players at the table.”

All the best in and out of the casinos!

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